Stainless Steel Laser Cutting

Stainless Steel Laser Cutting

  1. Lasers can cut almost any kind of contour. For example, hundreds of shallow tanks for liquid filtration can be embedded in stainless steel plates. So up to 500 shallow grooves per square centimeter are feasible.
  2. Mostly laser cutting is used to cut mild steel (carbon and alloy steel) aluminum, stainless steel plates, metal sheets, and other substances.
  3. Laser cutting is the most popular analytical technique because of its ability to accurately cut, melt, calcinate, and vaporize various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, nickel alloys, etc.
  4. High-speed operation, high-quality cutting edge, and low heat affected area make 2D laser cutting stainless steel a wide range of applications.

HUAYI Precision Metal-Your Premier Manufacturer for Stainless Steel Laser Cutting

We provide our services from large to small companies, in almost every manufacturing industry including furniture, automotive, food equipment, the point of purchase displays. We can laser cut a range of stainless steel, most of these we have in stock and some are special orders.

We use the best laser cutting technologies to laser cut metal, laser cut sheet metal, laser cut steel, laser cut steel plate, laser cut metal panels, etc.

What Can We Do for Your Business


Modern laser cutting and engraving equipment is used by us.

On-Time Delivery

We will give you an exact lead time, just let us know and we’ll do our best for you.

Top Quality

Nothing ever leaves our production line unless it is flawless.

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Why HUAYI Precision Metal Can Be Your Best Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Supplier

  • We can provide precise cutting to precise specifications without using hard tools.
  • We provide customers with a variety of cutting solutions.
  • We are an ISO9001-certified metal fabrication company.
  • Our laser-cut stainless steel is guaranteed.

Recent Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Project

Stainless Steel Laser Cutting for Tools

For specific stainless steels that are difficult to cut for surgical tools, laser cutting is now a superior option.

Stainless Steel Laser Cutting for Architecture & Interior

Laser cutting can be used for many aesthetic and engineering applications throughout the Architecture & Interior design industries.

Stainless Steel Laser Cutting for Automotive

Automotive parts and materials containing a variety of metals, such as airbag fabric and composite materials used in car interiors, are cut with lasers more flexibly and efficiently.

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HUAYI Precision Metal Stainless Steel Laser Cutting

Our Laser Cutting service is renowned for its speed of service and reliability. We have 9 Laser Cutting machines, working 24 hours a day. That’s why our customers keep coming back to us.

We are experts in laser cutting but we can do laser engraving, too and we specialize in combining these techniques for ultimate efficiency and new creativity.

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