Small Parts Machining

Small Parts Machining

  • Be dedicated to providing customers with friendly, reliable, and accurate machining services
  • To provide our customers with high quality at a reasonable price
  • HUAYI Metal is skilled and equipped to meet the needs of customer or standard installations

HUAYI Metal-Your Premier Manufacturer for Small Parts Machining

HUAYI Metal is an experienced custom precision small parts machining servicing original equipment manufacturer.

On both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, we offer custom machined parts for production and prototype needs. We are dedicated to exceeding all customer expectations for service and satisfaction.

What Can We Do for Your Business

  • Product Drawing Analysis

Drawings of parts’ dimensions are consistent with programming convenience

  • Selective Processing Method

To take into account the rough, finishing, and machine tools these two aspects

  • Process Design

Organize the procedure based on these three guidelines.

  • Internal Inspection

To provide a dimension test report for you before delivery

What We Can Do for your Business
Why HUAYI Metal can be your Best Small Parts Machining Supplier

Why HUAYI Metal Can Be Your Best Small Parts Machining Supplier

  • Small parts machining factory in China
  • To provide excellent customer service at every stage
  • To provide high-precision machining while maintaining tolerances as close as 0.005mm on our parts
  • To provide a full range of services enabling us to better monitor the quality and production of precision components

Recent Small Parts Machining Project

  • Small Parts Machining Part for Plastic Ball

The plastic balls are made of standard and special polymer resins, etc. A complete range of surface finishes is available, including matte, scrub, or polishing.

  • Small Parts Machining Part for Metal Ball

We offer a range of cemented carbide balls that come in a wide variety of options, as per their individual features, sizes, chemical composition, etc.

Small Parts Machining parts

HUAYI Metal Small Parts Machining

HUAYI Metal is a small parts machining factory that produces high-quality and innovative precision components for a range of multinational customers.

HUAYI Metal has been providing customers with high-quality machined products on time, at a reasonable price. The custom small parts machining services from HUAYI Metal are backed with quality control from experienced machinists and advanced inspection equipment to ensure customers only receive the best.

We enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of turning a customer’s idea into quality products. Send us your inquiry for HUAYI Metal now!

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