Precision Turned Components

Precision Turned Components

  • Provide turning parts and accessories according to the customer’s specific requirements
  • To solve customer’s issues in a short time
  • To provide high-quality precision parts and engineered solutions to a wide range of OEMs

HUAYI Metal-Your Premier Manufacturer for Precision Turned Components

At HUAYI Metal, quality counts. It is critical to us that your part is manufactured when and how you require it!

With nearly 11 years of trading experience, we provide high-quality turned parts and machined components in brass, steel, and aluminum. Available in various finishes such as polishing and most types of plating.

What Can We Do for Your Business

  • Analyze Parts and Confirm Tooling

To confirm the product structure and find suitable tooling.

  • Program Composition

It can make the functions of CNC machine tools get reasonable application and full play, and safe, reliable, and efficient work.

  • Install Fixture

The fixture can assist in controlling position or movement, which can increase productivity.

  • Machining

To transform raw materials and semi-finished products into required products through certain processes and methods.

  • Inspection

To provide a dimension test report for you before delivery.

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Precision Turned Components expert

Why HUAYI Metal Can Be Your Best Precision Turned Components Supplier

  • Precision-turned components factory in China
  • We enjoy working with you and providing your machining solutions
  • Invest in new equipment to assist in continuous technological progress
  • Reevaluate production techniques to find ways to improve efficiency and save costs for customers

Recent Precision Turned Components Project

  • Precision Turned Components Part for Steel Turned Parts

We currently manufacture steel-turned components in a range of sizes as well as styles.

  • Precision Turned Components Part for Precision CNC Turned Parts

The newest CNC turning technology is used to manufacture both machined parts and bespoke fasteners.

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HUAYI Metal Precision Turned Components

HUAYI Metal is a precision-turned-component manufacturer. Our aim is to ensure that all of our customers’ needs are fully met by offering the complete turned parts equipment.

HUAYI Metal’s customer is testimony to our competitive prices and unparalleled service. We can work with you in the design stage of the product to help reduce manufacturing costs right through to supplying prototypes and samples. Our team is focused on providing an efficient and cost-effective quality service.  Send us your inquiry for HUAYI Metal now!

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