Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

  1. Laser cutting tolerance up to 0.05mm, bending tolerance up to 0.1mm
  2. 20 years precision sheet metal fabrication manufacturer in China
  3. Reply to any of your questions within 5 working hours
  4. Send pictures or videos during your sheet metal parts manufacturing

HUAYI-Your Premier Manufacturer for Sheet Metal Fabrication

As a professional precision sheet metal manufacturer in China, HUAYI can provide one-stop metal processing services.

We can customize any precision sheet metal parts based on your project requirement, just send us your drawing or even your idea, and we’ll customize your perfect metal parts.

Please send us your project details and let Huayi handle the left.

What Can We Do for Your Business

Sample Rapid Prototype

Receive your prototypes within 3 days

Sheet Metal Parts Manufacturing

Develop and manufacture your metal parts at a low cost

CNC Machining

HUAYI can provide you with stable processing quality and high-precision CNC machining parts.

What We Can Do for Your Business
Why HUAYI can be your best sheet metal Fabrication supplier

Why HUAYI Can Be Your Best Sheet Metal Fabrication Supplier

  • Precision sheet metal fabrication factory in China
  • Endorsed by top brand companies with our high-quality metal parts
  • ISO9001 high-quality manufacturing
  • Provide you dimension testing report before the balance payment

Recent Sheet Metal Fabrication Project

Sheet Metal Fabrication Part for Guitar

This part looks very shiny chrome, with no scratches, very smooth & exquisite.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Part for Automotive

Precision car seat parts, the tolerance can meet your demand ±0.05mm, which can be perfectly assembled with other assembly parts.

HUAYI Sheet Metal Fabrication

HUAYi Precision Metal can provide you with sheet metal processing services, and the biggest advantage is that the products can be sent out in 24 hours at the earliest, and you will receive a product test report in the box.

If your product is in the design stage, we will do unlimited samples for you. If your product is already in the hot selling stage, we will deliver the product to you on time with quality and quantity.

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