Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC Machining

  • Custom inspection and quality assurance reporting to meet specific client requirements
  • Capability to transition from prototype to full production in the lowest time possible
  • Ensure that products are manufactured and pass inspection at the rate required by customers

HUAYI Metal-Your Premier Manufacturer for Precision CNC Machining

HUAYI Metal was founded on the premise of providing superior support services in the way of precision machining and manufacturing.

We service various industries by combining cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge equipment. Our mission is to promote and supply our services to all aspects of the industry, as well as to continue to provide quality precision goods to a diverse consumer base.

We establish long-term relationships with our customers through responsive service, a high degree of quality, and integrity.

What Can We Do for your Business

  • Analyze Parts and Confirm Tooling

To confirm the product structure and find suitable tooling.

  • Program Composition

It may ensure that the functions of CNC machine tools are properly applied and fully utilized, as well as safe, dependable, and efficient operation.

  • Install Fixture

The fixture can assist in controlling position or movement, which can increase productivity

  • Machining

To transform raw materials and semi-finished products into required products through certain processes and methods

  • Inspection

To provide a dimension test report for you before delivery

What We Can Do for your Business
Why HUAYI Metal can be your Best Precision CNC Machining Supplier

Why HUAYI Metal Can Be Your Best Precision CNC Machining Supplier

  • Precision CNC machining factory in China
  • To ensure the precision and surface roughness of the machined workpiece
  • The machining quality is stable and the machining accuracy is high
  • It can process complex surfaces that are difficult to process by conventional methods

Recent Precision CNC machining Project

  • Precision CNC Machining Part for Limit Fastener

It solves the problem that the existing anti-tightness firmware needs to destroy the thread structure.

  • Precision CNC machining Part for Bolt

A type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw to be fitted with a nut for fastening two parts with through holes

Recent Precision CNC machining Project

HUAYI Metal Precision CNC Machining

HUAYI Metal is a professional precision CNC machining manufacturer to satisfy today’s complex customer needs. We have earned a reputation for excellence in all stages of fabrication and machine work

We have years of experience and have worked with well-known and reputable businesses. We can effectively handle all types of machining, fabrication, and assembly operations. We prioritize client collaboration, on-time delivery, quality, and an affordable price. Our reputation is based on price, quality, and service.

We value all of our clients and strive to meet all of their needs and expectations. Contact us immediately and let us use our knowledge and experience to create parts that you will appreciate.

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