Medical Metal Fabrication

Medical Metal Fabrication

  1. Production of chassis and other products that demand the highest quality and precision.
  2. The medical metal materials used clinically mainly include stainless steel, cobalt alloys, titanium alloys, shape memory alloys, precious metals, and pure metals such as tantalum, niobium, and zirconium.
  3. Using new technologies and new processes such as 3D printing to complete the customized printing of medical devices.
  4. Reply to any of your questions within 5 working hours

HUAYI Precision Metal-Your Premier Manufacturer for Medical Metal Fabrication

In a field that demands the highest precision and accuracy, HUAYI Precision Metal is proud to supply high-quality and cutting-edge components to a wide range of customers in the medical field.

From surgical instruments to imaging equipment and medical-grade furniture, our experience and expertise in providing custom sheet metal fabrication continue to replace the specific needs and requirements of some of the largest leaders in the medical industry.

What Can We Do for Your Business

Sample Rapid Prototype and Punctual Delivery Time

Receive your prototype sample within 3 days

High-Quality Services

Provide CNC Punching/ CNC Laser Cutting/ Hinge Cutting/ Bending / Tapping/ Inserts/ Assembly/ Plating services

Custom Medical Metal Fabrication

HUAYI Precision Metal can provide custom medical metal fabrication

Medical Metal Fabrication product
Medical Metal Fabrication product picture

Why HUAYI Precision Metal Can Be Your Best Medical Metal Fabrication Supplier

  • One-stop service
  • We utilize our uncompromising spirit and expertise to provide the highest quality medical products while adhering to strict standards and specifications.
  • China precision sheet metal fabrication manufacturer for over 11 years.
  • We can take advantage of 5-axis simultaneous milling, milling/ turning, and even powder bed additive manufacturing.

Recent Medical Metal Fabrication Project

Medical Metal Fabrication Part for Medical equipment

Stainless steel, etc., is used to make medical equipment: knives, scissors, hemostatic forceps, and needles, and are also used to make artificial joints, internal fixators for fractures, orthodontics, artificial heart valves, and other devices.

Medical Metal Fabrication Part for Orthopedics

Metal medical materials have been widely used, and the most important applications are internal fixation plates for fractures, screws, and artificial joints.

Medical Metal Fabrication Part for Orthodontics

Such as subperiosteal implants, dental bridges, dental cutters, and sub crowns.

Medical Metal Fabrication sample

HUAYI Precision Metal Medical Metal Fabrication

As a top manufacturer of precision medical parts, we provide a variety of machining and metal fabrication services to the medical industry including laser cutting, metal punching, CNC machining, press brake forming, and more. We have decades of experience manufacturing precision metal parts in stainless steel, aluminum, and more for the medical industry.

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