Laser Cutting Service

Laser Cutting Service

  1. We have imported a laser cutting machine worth 30 million, whose cutting precision can reach 0.03mm.
  2. Our machines can cut all kinds of metal materials, such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and iron plates.
  3. The cutting thickness of a metal plate can reach 15mm without burrs.
  4. Drawing in one hour, delivery in two Days, free sample.

HUAYI Metals-Your Premier Manufacturer For Laser Cutting Service Fabrication

Our company has purchased 9 laser cutting machines, the smallest is 500W, the largest is 6000W, with more than 4 meters of super long table machine, we can quickly arrange the production for your parts.

HUAYI can produce any metal parts you want, would you like to try to cooperate with us?

What Can We Do for Your Business

  1. Programming drawings is the first step in sheet metal processing, which is exceptionally important.
  2. Confirm the material thickness and type, and choose the suitable machine for this material to debug the machine.
  3. The first sample needs to be confirmed in size before mass production.
  4. Reasonable placement, and timely cleaning of burrs and other problems.
What We Can Do For Your Business
Why HUAYI Can Be Your Best Laser Cutting Service Fabrication Manufacturer

Why HUAYI Can Be Your Best Laser Cutting Service Fabrication Manufacturer

  1. High production efficiency, short cycle, and sample order.
  2. High cutting accuracy and small hole position tolerance (±0.02mm).
  3. Uniform cutting surface, no burrs.
  4. The hardware can be made directly without tooling.

Recent Laser Cutting Service Fabrication Project

Laser Cutting Fabrication Parts for Audio

Precision parts need strict tolerance standards, and the tolerance we can achieve is ±0.03mm.

Laser Cutting Fabrication Parts for Pan

In order to be perfectly assembled with other parts, high-end battery cases need to be processed with high precision.

Recent Laser Cutting Service Fabrication Project

HUAYI Laser Cutting Service

Laser cutting has high flexibility, high cutting speed, high production efficiency, and a short production cycle. No matter it is simple or complex parts, the laser can be used to achieve rapid prototyping cutting.

Laser cutting products without extrusion deformation, processed products of good quality, no burrs, do not need manual grinding, save unnecessary processing procedures, and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

The laser-cutting machines can make all kinds of hardware parts directly without tooling, no mold consumption, and no need to repair and replace the tooling, which can save a lot of tooling costs, save processing costs, reduce production costs, especially suitable for the processing of large products.

The laser cutting process as a “shearing” alternative process appears, has the characteristics of precise and flexible, efficient, and effective processing of complex parts, only need to be cutting graphics, imported into the control system, can set size cutting, help to shorten the product processing and manufacturing cycle, improve the labor productivity directly and effectively.

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