Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

  1. Whether in large or small quantities, we provide precision sheet metal processing services to meet the precise specifications and requirements of our customers.
  2. We are capable of manufacturing complex, highly precise parts from steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.
  3. Able to provide high quality, competitive pricing, and timely delivery of products to meet and exceed customer requirements.
  4. 85% of custom sheet metal parts are used in the automotive, agricultural, mining, and consumer products industries.

HUAYI Precision Metal-Your Premier Manufacturer for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

HUAYI Precision Metal, a precision sheet metal fabrication producer since 2012, provides customers with cost-effective fabrication solutions by combining sophisticated technology with over 11 years of accumulated experience to deliver excellent products on time and to specification.

Laser cutting, CNC punching, forming, rolling, welding, and finishing are all part of our sheet metal manufacturing services.

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What Can We Do for Your Business

Advanced Equipment

CNC punching machine, laser machine tool imported from Japan, bending machine.

Professional Team

Custom sheet metal bending, CNC professional technicians, and many years of professional sheet metal processing experience.

Custom sheet metal fabrication service

HUAYI Metal’s sheet metal fabrication capability enables the production of a wide range of metal parts, from simple to complex.

custom sheet metal fabrication material

Why HUAYI Precision Metal Can Be Your Best Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Supplier

  • With well-equipped modern state-of-art manufacturing machines, and the latest technology.
  • We are an ISO-certified metal fabrication company.
  • 100% on-time deliveries.
  • Raw material testing.

Recent Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Project

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication For Electronic Appliances

Custom sheet metal fabrication for electronic appliances manufacturing precision parts. For example, computer cases, mobile phones, and MP3 players.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication For Chassis, Enclosures, And Brackets

The iron shell outside the car is sheet metal, and some cabinet tools made of stainless steel are also sheet metal.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication For Architecture

Building roofs (architecture) and many other applications. In short, sheet metal processing has a very wide range of uses.

HUAYI Precision Metal Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

With knowledge and adaptability, HUAYI Precision Metal can collaborate with individual proprietors and large corporations looking to prototype parts. We take great pride in both our dedication to quality and our track record of offering our clients efficient and dependable production services.

For clients in many industries, we produce a variety of custom-engineered products.

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