Custom Machined Parts

Custom Machined Parts

  • We can supply the parts you need within the time you require
  • Before leaving our plant, every part is subjected to a comprehensive quality assurance inspection.
  • Committed to providing consumers with services that are of high quality and dependability.

HUAYI Metal-Your Premier Manufacturer for Custom Machined Parts

HUAYI Metal ensures that the finished product meets or exceeds the clients’ defined criteria by providing the highest level of quality and integrity.

We are also always working to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. HUAYI Metal takes pride in its workmanship and in delivering high-quality products on time.

What Can We Do for your Business

  • Analyze Parts and Confirm Tooling

To confirm the product structure and find suitable tooling.

  • Program Composition

With 3D, programming capabilities can produce a wide variety of programs, from simple shapes to complex forms and patterns.

  • Machining

With the CNC capacity we can undertake anything from a complex single component to volume production

  • Inspection

To provide a dimension test report for you before delivery

What We Can Do for your Business
Why HUAYI Metal can be your Best Custom Machined Parts Supplier

Why HUAYI Metal Can Be Your Best Custom Machined Parts Supplier

  • Custom machined parts factory in China
  • Our machine services are always customized to your specifications
  • To deliver precision-machined parts in the shortest turnaround time possible.
  • To provide reliable solutions for various industries

Recent Custom Custom Machined Parts

  • Precision Laser Cutting Part for Camera Mounting Bar

Following close dimensional tolerances would be crucial to the successful manufacturing of the part.

  • Precision Laser Cutting Part for Brass Sleeve

A custom brass sleeve using high-grade material

Custom machined parts manufacturer

HUAYI Metal Custom Machined Parts

HUAYI Metal is a custom-machined parts company that produces high-quality and innovative precision components for a range of multinational customers.

We provide a very flexible service to allow the completion of work with the highest accuracy, our commitment to continued investment in the very latest state-of-the-art equipment further ensures we produce to the very highest of standards.

HUAYI Metal develops and improves its quality assurance procedures to ensure that the quality of our products and services is maintained to the highest standards. Send us your inquiry for HUAYI Metal now!

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