CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication

CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication

1. MOQ from 1 pc for any CNC sheet metal parts

2. One-stop CNC and sheet metal processing service

3. We provide 24/7 online service, during which you can contact the engineer directly.

4. We can provide you with real-time production video.

HUAYI-Your Premier CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication Shop

HUAYI is your most reliable supplier of high-end metal parts processing in China. We have advanced equipment from Germany and Japan including laser cutting and bending machines.

65% of employees have more than 15 years of industry experience, so we can ensure every of your CNC sheet metal fabrication parts are of the best quality.

We can produce any metal parts you require and welcome your inquiries, please contact us at your earliest convenience!

HUAYI have made hundreds of CNC sheet metal fabrication parts for different industries including home appliance, office products, automotive, air, and other industrial parts. Whether you need to customize the precision CNC sheet metal parts or normal CNC parts, just send us your inquiry.

What Can We Do For Your Business?

  1. HUAYI will review your drawings, to prepare the process flow of the parts, first of all, to know the various technical requirements of the parts drawing
  2. Your 2D 3D drawings will be edited and the unfolding drawings will be based on the part drawing (3D) unfolding the plan (2D)
  3. laser undercutting, drilling, tapping, riveting, bending, welding, etc. a series of step-by-step procedures
What We Can Do For Your Business?
cnc sheet metal material

Why HUAYI Can Be Your Best CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication Supplier

  1. No tooling production, low cost
  2. High precision, up to ±0.02mm/0.0008 inch
  3. Minimum order quantity: 1 piece with fast delivery
  4. Professional quality inspection and small batch, high flexibility

Recent Sheet Metal Fabrication Project- CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts for Audio

This is a speaker mesh used on Samsung TV sets, Our customer is very happy with the perfect sample, it is very smooth and burr-free. If you also need similar CNC parts, send us your drawing.

cnc sheet metal product
cnc sheet metal QC

CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts for Box

The convex part has no mold production and no welding, the product precision can reach 0.02 mm, the material thickness is *mm, and the height of the convex is *mm, especially amazing products, if you want to have a try, please initiate an inquiry.

HUAYI CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication

HUAYI is your reliable CNC sheet metal fabrication manufacturer in China. Please contact us if

  • You have urgent parts to be processed, please contact HUAYI as soon as possible.
  • You have a very complicated part that needs to be processed, please contact HUAYI immediately.
  • You want to ensure all of your parts are high quality, please contact HUAYI first.
  • You want your product to command a high price in the market, contact HUAYI first.
  • Your product requires fabrication by sheet metal forming, CNC milling/ lathe processing, anodizing, or powder coating, please contact HUAYI first.

Please consider HUAYI for all your processing needs when quality, timeliness, and excellent customer service is your goal.

We hope we can have a happy start, and always welcome your inquiries!

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