CNC Bending

CNC Bending

  1. CNC bending machine is equipped with a die (general or special die) that will be a cold metal sheet bending into a variety of geometric section shapes of the workpiece.
  2. It is a sheet metal forming machine designed for cold rolling sheet metal processing, widely used in automobile, aircraft manufacturing, light industry, shipbuilding, container, elevator, railway vehicles and other industries of sheet metal bending processing.
  3. There are two methods used with CNC bending. The first uses CNC press brakes, which may be attached to the bottom bed. The second way to CNC bend is the opposite, both approaches make the same results in the end.
  4. HUAYI Metals’ wide selection of CNC bending and forming tools can accommodate everything from the simplest to the most complex bends for your fabrication project.

HUAYI Precision Metal: Your Premier Manufacturer for CNC Bending

CNC bending, or computer numerically controlled bending, is just one of many manufacturing techniques used at HUAYI Precision Metals. This process uses CNC machines to bend sheet metal work. Technology enables engineers to CNC bend any sheet metal from just a few millimetres to several meters long, using large industrial machines.

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What We Can Do for Your Business

Excellent Service

Requirements of the customer, manufacturing and supplying sheet metal products having the highest quality, lowest cost.

Rich Experience

We have 12+ years of manufacturing experience in CNC bending.

On-time Delivery

Short turnaround time, we will deliver your products on time.

Custom Service

We provide custom CNC bending services.

CNC bending china
CNC bending china

Why HUAYI Precision Metal can be your best CNC Bending

  • The latest in fabrication equipment and technology
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • Prototype to production.
  • We can do all of your CNC metal bending, forming and other metal fabrication in-house, faster and more accurately.

Recent CNC Bending Project

CNC Bending for Electric Appliances and The Electric Power Industry

A plate shearing machine can cut the plate into different requirements of size, and then through the bending machine for processing again, such as computer cases, electrical cabinets, and refrigerator air conditioning shell is made in this way.

CNC Bending for the Wind Power CommunicationIndustry

Wind power poles, street lamp poles, communication tower poles, traffic lamp poles, traffic light poles, monitoring poles, etc. They are curved.

CNC Bending for the Decoration Industry

High-speed CNC plate shearing machine is widely used, generally used with CNC bending machine, and can complete the production of stainless steel plates, doors Windows and some special places of decoration.

CNC bending material

HUAYI Precision Metal CNC Bending

HUAYI Precision Metals established in 2010, has the technology and programming to handle CNC bending for your project. We have six factories, with over 200 certified and trained employees, and prototype production, your project will be a success with the help of HUAYI Precision Metals.

At HUAYI Precision Metals, we take pride in our ability to meet our customers’ needs across a wide range of services.

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