Aluminum Stamping

Aluminum Stamping

  1. Aluminium is a silvery-white metal with comparable strength to carbon steel but at roughly one-third the density. This alloy is very ductile and malleable, ideal for precision stamping processes.
  2. Aluminium stamping can also be anodized to enhance surface hardness and corrosion resistance in challenging environments.
  3. Aluminium stamping can be performed through numerous operations, including Blanking, Piercing, Forming, and Drawing.

HUAYI Precision Metal: Your Premier Manufacturer for Aluminum Stamping

HUAYI Precision Metals founded in 2011, focus on providing a one-stop solution for metal parts & products. Working with a variety of metal materials, equipped with advanced machinery that offers comprehensive manufacturing service for aluminium stamping products, stamping tooling products, sheet metal fabrication products, and assemblies for customers and industries throughout the world.

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What We Can Do for Your Business

An ISO 9001-certified Company

Through ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

Precision Tolerances

Metal parts ST Metal will control the tolerance to 0.005mm-0.05mm.

High-Quality Production

You do not need to worry about receiving bad products because quality is the life of HUAYI precision metal Metals.

Real Factory Price

Strong internal manufacturing capability, can control all the cost consumption. Factory real quotation, no middleman profit space.

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Why HUAYI Precision Metal can be your best Aluminum Stamping

  • Shorter Lead Times, both with tooling and finished parts.
  • One-stop manufacturing service.
  • High Speed–High Volume.
  • Our State-Of-The-Art Sheet Metal Stamping & Metal Fabrication Manufacturing Facility.

Recent Aluminum Stamping Project

Aluminum Stamping for Automotive

We manufacture stamped components for a wide range of automotive products, including:

Safety equipment, including airbags and seat belts/ Brakes/ Cooling system/ Motors and fuel/ delivery systems/ Sensors, including sensors for cooling systems, emissions and pollution control systems, and brakes/ Transmissions, valves and pumps/ Motors and engines/ Lighting.

Aluminum Stamping for Electronic

For example, electronics applications are Caps/ Connectors/ Couplings/ Enclosures and housings/ Fittings/ Sensors/ Shells/ Sleeves.

Aluminum Stamping for Medical

Surgical devices and equipment/ Probes, including temperature and thermistor probes/ Device pumps and motors/ Implantable devices/ Instrument connectors, couplings and fittings/ Device and instrument housings, sleeves and enclosures.

Aluminum Stamping part

HUAYI Precision Metal Aluminum Stamping

HUAYI Precision Metals has over 12 years of experience providing stamping services for stamped aluminium parts. With rich manufacturing experience and the latest technology, we provide stamped aluminium parts that can meet all industry-accepted standards.

As an ISO-certified company, we are committed to providing quality service for your aluminium stamping project.

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