Aerospace Metal Fabrication

  1. We shall meet our customer’s expectations for quality, on-time delivery, and service.
  2. Hot stamping with automated process controls provides consistent high-quality components.
  3. Stampings are trimmed using 5-axis laser cutting or machining to produce more precise parts.
  4. We provide complete vertical integration from prototype to production.

HUAYI Precision Metal: Your Premier Manufacturer for Aerospace Metal Fabrication

Since the establishment of our business in 2012, HUAYI Precision Metal has established itself as the “go-to” source for metal fabrication solutions for businesses in a variety of industries, including aerospace manufacturers. You can rely on us to meet your expectations for quality, service, and on-time delivery whether your objective is to create a usable prototype or carry out a significant production run. We are also a metal fabrication business with ISO 9001 certification.

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What Can We Do for Your Business

We offer a variety of services including:

Process Engineering/ Foundry/ Tool Machining/ Stamping/Hot Stamping/ Sheet Metal Fabrication/ Bending/ Laser/ Assembly Process/ Production.

Precision manufacturing capabilities

Precision manufacturing capabilities will produce machined parts to the tightest of tolerances for the aircraft and aerospace industry.

Custom aerospace metal fabrication

HUAYI Precision Metal can provide a one-stop-shop custom aerospace metal fabrication service.

Aerospace Metal Fabrication product

Why HUAYI Precision Metal Can Be Your Best Aerospace Metal Fabrication Supplier

  • ISO-certified metal fabrication company.
  • Providing unique capabilities in exotic metals and complex shapes.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
  • Precision CNC machining and engineering service.

Recent Aerospace Metal Fabrication Project

Aerospace Metal Fabrication Part for Engines and Airframes

Titanium and its alloys are mainly used in the aviation industry to make aircraft engines and airframes.

Aerospace Metal Fabrication Part for Lightweight Bracket

Reduce aircraft component weight, consolidate components, and optimize topology.

Aerospace Metal Fabrication Part for Investment Casting Model

3D-printed hollow casting molds feature high strength to support parts during manufacturing.

HUAYI Precision Metal Aerospace Metal Fabrication

We are a leading aerospace parts manufacturer specializing in complex metal-formed parts. We produce aircraft engine nacelles, bulkheads, heat shields, duct sections, and engine components. We also produce spacecraft parts including thermal shields, structural components, and fuel system components.

We support all metal forming & fabrication including hot stamping of Inconel®, stainless steel, aluminum, Waspaloy®, Hastelloy®, and titanium. We have our own foundry that allows us to support rapid developmental projects with prototype tooling and simulations followed by full production tooling and components.

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